Spiritual Creations by Rosalyn

Handmade Items for Your Spiritual Toolbox


Hello and welcome to my website and metaphysical supply store! My name is Rosalyn Parhams and I am a self-taught craftswoman.

 I've been a ceramic artist since 1999, I am attuned in Reiki, and I have a deep appreciation for the healing arts. Whether you are engaging in a prayer or meditation, practicing yoga or massage, or even if you are a psychic or a medium, the goal of my art is to be of help to you during your spiritual practice.  Reiki is universal life force energy.  In addition to being used to heal people by balancing his or her energy fields, it can be infused into any object. I infuse my art with reiki so that it will enhance your practice and serve as "energy tools" for you.


Some of my art is designed with semiprecious stones in them to help facilitate specific meditations.  I love working with the gemstones and I let intuition guide me in their use.  The stones used in my art have their own energies and metaphysical properties. Stones can assist in achieving a deep meditative state, be used to absorb its properties, or it may be used as an object to help maintain concentration. For example, I may create candleholders with rose quartz on it for love prayers, an incense stick burner may have citrines in them for wealth manifestation, or a wand may be constructed with a red jasper point for directing energies of protection.


I work with a variety of colors in my art. They affect our mood and emotions and have an impact on our sense of well-being. Colors influence the flow of energy in our bodies and are one of the languages of the soul.


Creating my spiritual art is a form of meditation for me. I am inspired by the mysticism of world religions, the ceremonial objects of ancient cultures, the metaphysical properties of gemstones, and being in nature.  I desire to create art that has a spiritual aesthetic and creates a bridge between ourselves and Spirit.  Thank you so much for viewing my website and may you be blessed!