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Woman seated at table making a bowl out of clay.  There are two of her masks that she made in the background.
There is a potter's wheel with a double concentric gray  heart shaped bowl made of wet clay in the center of the potter's wheel.  There is a blue plastic tub with dirty clay water on the right side of the potter's wheel. A lump of gray wet clay is on the left side of the potter's wheel.  A dirty sponge and tools are in between the water and lump of clay.

Spiritual Creations by Rosalyn

Handmade Items for Your Spiritual Toolbox


Welcome to my website and metaphysical supply store! I'm Rosalyn Parhams, a self-taught craftswoman, and I've been passionately immersed in the world of ceramic art since 1999. My creative journey has been heavily influenced by African spirituality, the ceremonial objects of Africa, other ancient cultures, the metaphysical properties of gemstones, and my profound connection with nature. My artistic vision is focused on creating pieces that embody a spiritual aesthetic and serve as a bridge between individuals and the realm of Spirit.

Drawing from my deep appreciation for the healing arts, I am also attuned in Reiki. Whether you're engaged in prayer, meditation, yoga, massage, or any form of spiritual practice, my art aims to support and enhance your experience. Reiki, as universal life force energy, holds the power to balance energy fields and can be infused into any object. By infusing my art with Reiki, I hope to provide you with "energy tools" that harmonize with your practice and serve as instruments of positivity.

In crafting some of my art pieces, I incorporate semiprecious stones to facilitate specific meditations. Working with gemstones is a true passion of mine, and I trust my intuition to guide their selection and placement. Each stone possesses its unique energies and metaphysical properties that can aid in achieving a profound meditative state, absorb beneficial qualities, or act as an aid to maintain focus during practice. For example, a candleholder adorned with rose quartz might amplify love prayers, while an incense stick burner featuring citrine can promote wealth manifestation. Additionally, a wand constructed with a red jasper point might be ideal for directing protective energies.

The use of various colors is integral to my artistic expression. Colors deeply impact our mood, emotions, and overall sense of well-being. They also influence the flow of energy within our bodies and can be considered a language of the soul.

Thank you for visiting my website, and may you be blessed abundantly on your spiritual journey!

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