Orgone Pendants

Orgone is the combination of inorganic materials (metals) and organic materials (stones, shells, wood, etc.) layered into resin.  Once combined, it's kind of like an energy warehouse or generator. Each of the materials used in the orgone has its own metaphysical property but when it is combined and layered into the resin, a new matrix is created and the energy is amplified within the orgone.  This high frequency energy field interacts with your own thereby raising and strengthening it.

Orgone energy has been known to help people feel more energized and balanced.  It is said that it can neutralize the effects of EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies) that come from electronic devices such as Wi-Fi, cell phones, TVs, overhead power lines, etc.

Orgone is believed to be useful for healing artists or anyone doing energy work like Reiki, card readings, massage therapy, etc.  It helps with grounding the practitioner an transmuting negative energies when working with clients.

The hearts with the aluminum wire bales are about 2" long.  $20 each.

Egyptian Goddesses are about 3.5" long. $30 each

Egyptian Rectangular Pendants are about 1.5 long. $25 each

The Roses measure about 1.75". Roses are $25 each.

The doves and butterflies are about 1.5" wide and are $18 each.

Leaves are about 2" long and $30 each

Shipping will be determined by Location. To order, please contact me below.

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