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Ceramic Grid Platters

Handmade Ceramic Grid Platters infused with Reiki energy. 

The purpose of using a crystal grid is to manifest a goal or intention. The combined energies of several crystals and directing those energies through the use of geometric patterns may be more powerful than meditating with a single crystal. Grids can be used for the manifestation of love, healing, prosperity, etc. What gives the grid it's purpose and power is your intention. When I am using my ceramic grid platters, I place a "Master" crystal with my handwritten prayer on a piece of paper underneath it in the center of the ceramic grid. I surround the "Master" crystal with other crystals in a geometric pattern. I then " charge" or "activate" the grid platter by saying my prayer that is under the "Master" crystal while using one of my wands or pendulums around all of the crystals to direct the crystalline energies and connect them.

I chose to make grids from ceramics because I thought it would be fun and interesting to create grids that will last forever.  FYI:  Ceramics and the vast majority of rocks and crystals are made up of the" same stuff" known as silica (sand), so having a ceramic grid seemed like a match made in heaven for my crystals.

The prices of the grids are on the photos.  Shipping costs are extra and determined by your address.  To order, please contact me below.  Thank You!

Round Grids

Square & Rectangular Grids

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