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Altar Boxes

 An ALTAR serves as a place to focus your thoughts, prepare for meditation, prayer, or manifestation.  An altar is a physical object or set of objects placed in a purposeful way, and in a purposeful place, that have spiritual significance to you, or that represent an element, archetype, or energy whose influence you would like to have present in your spiritual practice. Altars are sacred spiritual spaces, however small or large. Many practitioners incorporate symbols of the four elements ( wind, fire, water, earth ) into their altars to enhance their spiritual practice.

These PORTABLE ALTAR KITS contains one dressed candle to represent the fire element, one feather representing the air element, one glass vial of water containing crystals representing the water element, and four crystals representing the Earth element. Also included is one small felt altar cloth. All of the items are packed inside a lovely small wooden crate which can be used to keep pictures, vision boards, or mantras.

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